Miss Ireen's 1st Giveaway~!

miss ireen is giving out her 1st give away
both very very attractive suitcase coinbags

1. visit miss ireen's blog and leave her comment of your favourite creation of her

2. link her with the icon which provide on the left side of blog

3. join miss irene's group on fb!

please email to a.hippies@gmail.com to provide your facebook and blog tracking~!

giving away ends at 10/July/2010

please do check on 11/July/2010 for the 2 lucky winner :D

my favourite lovely item that attract me the most in
Miss Ireen's handmade is
ruffle necklace

although it's a very simple creation of her

but it attracts me to take twice look at it

i like the detail of the beads, lace, lil flower and the whole item's colour combination

it gave me a very calm feel since it has the look of classic, antique feel...

the moment i look at it will reminds me of wearing it with ''princess'' type of clothes...

=D cute~

it can brighten up any clothes that suitable for simple style

pair it with lil white dress will be perfect!

::am looking forward for inspiring creation of miss ireen::

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