.A Lil Lesson To Remember.

1. Be your own favourite. - Never wait for anyone to make you his/her favourite. You'll either end up keep waiting, or let yourself being vulnerable out there. If you are lucky, you'll find someone. And remember, people do change, every second, include me.

2. Listen to your little heart. - Sometimes you heard your little self talks to you, those little voice. If it keeps appear every time you try to do the same shit. Listen to it & do it. You will never regret even if it doesn't works well.

3. Time does heal. - I believe it. No matter what happen I always believe we can heal. But one thing here is how long it takes and there will always be a scar, minor or major. Believe me, we still can be a happy person. So, take that scar as your lesson, never forget that lesson! My biggest mistake is erasing my history. Never gonna do that again. 

4. Forgive but never forget. - Yes. Forgive, let go those negative feelings. Be as neutral as possible. Live your life as you wanted and don't let anything unnecessary to revolve around your daily life even if it does. But do remember, never forget it. Like I've just mentioned, never forget what had happened. N E V E R. 

5. You are capable of everything. - Please fcking remember this line. You are!!! Even if you are not, try your best to do it. Believe me when you are able to break through the moment of "Hey, I can do it myself, just me myself all alone out there, doing everything I wanted to" and you'll never need to depend, seek for help, feel vulnerable because you just can! 

6. Your home & family are gonna remain in half or quarter of your life. - I always love my family. I wish my family grow through a good physical, psychological and mental way of living life out. People change and people grow. That is what I always hope for the best and do the best for them. People laugh at me for putting so much. They know nothing. I did not put that much, it is always not enough. But when the world is being so cruel. Home is always what you are looking for. AND I don't have a perfect family, but that doesn't mean it sucks. Live your life, make your home the best for yourself peeps. That is the place you gonna hide when the world sucks.

7. Take your friends as who they are to you. - You know, we often heard people around us like and hate this friend for some reason but to us they are totally different from what they've said. I believe each and everyone of us have people we like and hate. People we know, as well have people who hate and like them. So, at the end of the day, never judge one person from another people's mouth. You can keep the story, and judge by yourself. Then, you will know. 

8. When life give you chance to explore, never loose that opportunity. - Because you'll never meet such a situation twice. If you keep bump into such situation, do it as much as possible. You'll reach a certain time where such goodies never appears again. I've loose mine. I shall take this a serious matter.

9. Social media doesn't proves anyone anything. - You as well doesn't owe social media anything. Don't feel bad if you left out anything you have not update there or even being lost in somewhere people do not realize in the world of social media. We can live out there in real life, real world. You will be more attractive and happy out there without social media, trust me. You are fcking 3D, social media is fcking low class 2D with lack of basic human senses.

10. Live it now, when you have the idea in your head. - Get me? When you are able to think of to do something awesome or to achieve something. Do it now, either you'll end up what you wanted, or one day you gonna. Never let the idea live. You need to make it live. By the time you think you wanted to do it, most of the people will think they are so busy with some other commitment they are putting their life into. So what is up in your mind now? Do it now. If you fail now, keep doing it till your times run out. Do it quick. Do it fast. Time never waits. 

*Yes or No, Accurate or Not, these lessons are something for my own to read,
it doesn't resembles the whole population or anyone will end up in such a way I've mentioned*

written under a clear sky full of tintinnabulation,
waiting for Geminids shower 

dreamie land ....

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