.I Have Learnt.

Human make promises,
Human as well are the one who breaks it.
are the only reason why we are here, 
doing what we are doing to survive,
blend into this society and trend.

I can say that part of the promises are being made 
are largely to put up a trust on something or someone.
But, frankly, 
I have learnt. 
Not all promises are "promise". 
People may give promises because the situation on hand needs it
and it doesn't promise you the end result.
It is not easy as well to keep some long term promises. 
Things will change.
The situation will need us to change.
We need to change to adapt for the best result.
But if only one knows what is a requirement to make a long term promises, 
I guess people will start to think twice before giving any promises to anyone or anything. 

I have learnt,
the hard way.

I remember everything you had promised me.
I know you did a lot & sacrifice a lot for me too.
But at times,
I just can't believe the words you said betray your own action of promises.

That is the moment I told myself I need to lived selfishly.
I still hated to feel such a selfish b*tch.
But thank you for the lesson.
I have learnt and I did grow a little.
I hope you did too.
For the good and bad that we have been through.
You will success in your preferable way while I will go mine.
I wish the best for you out there.

I shall end 2014 very very soon.
I will start from the ground again.
. z e r o .

I have nothing to start back up with,
but I am something here to kick start my life.

I don't know what is good out there in this cruel world.
But I know either good or bad,
both are waiting me to feel them.
We need these to live,
we need these to survive,
we need these to gain more experience so we won't die.
Die of nothing in this insane world.

dreamie land ....

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