I don't wanna grow up so fast =[

The moodiness suddenly found a way to strikes me at this hour.
I just realize that January is coming to end!
The most surprise is that I forgot that my birthday falls on this coming Saturday.
And it will be my 21st birthday already.
I don't know why,
I just can't find any reason to feel happy for it.
I am more towards the feeling of crying.
I guess this gonna be an emotional week for me to go through.
I told my friends about my feeling,
not much of them, only few...
I think they thought I just went psychotic about this matter.

I have friends around me asked me about how am I gonna celebrate it,
and the thing is that 
I don't even know what to do with my 21st big day.
I think I'll just let it pass...

I just have no idea why am I feeling so stressful...
*signing off with indescribable emotion & feelings*
I need hugs ='(

dreamie land ....

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