when I too bored and went google up my own blogger web address,
I found this

I never think that there is even people will take my blog as their favourite blog...
that's kind of surprise to me to see this happening.
Apparently when I google up 'Jennifer F'
since it is account of her Facebook fan page 
I just knew that she is one of the 
Top 10 finalists for Miss Universe Malaysia 2011!
*jaws dropped*

She got my eye stuck on her pictures..
ya know like..
she is soooooo beautiful!

See how mesmerizing her look is?!
I almost got blown away by her first picture!

there you go,
that's her blog...
anyway to Jeniifer Foh,
thanks for liking this blog =) 
and my lovely followers too~
I never really get to say thanks for my followers who followed me...
and now i just wanna shout 
Thanks for following though we are strangers 

dreamie land ....

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