shopping haul for c.n.y ?

I'm broke

My story begins like this,
I've been shopping quite frequent last year with friends
and I bought a lot of clothes.
Those clothes are still in my closet and yet to be wear.
When end of 2011 approaches,
a lot of my friends started to say they want to buy Chinese New Year clothes
and some of them dated me out for a shopping spree.
Since I already bought quite a number of it,
I keep on buying and buying till my closet is no longer the size that fits my clothing!
The funny thing is that I keep telling myself,
"well, I'm not gonna buy anything today, just gonna accompany my friends to shop around.
I will do the window shopping! =D"
Instead of my friends getting their shopping haul after the end of the day,
it's me, 
buying lot of clothes and accessories
while they end up buying almost nothing.
The last shopping is with Jenhur,
*suppose he is the one who is shopping but the same thing happened ==*
I think I almost ended up buying this 
*bottom pictures*
I love it so much and was so happy that this large size Paul Frank sweater can fit me nicely
but luckily I am broke, else it's already in my wardrobe now.
*gosh, so relieve now lol!*
Not cheap okay!!!
but I gonna own you one day you faggots monkey!

I'm so lazy to dig out my clothes for showing the pictures of my shopping haul 
but this is the year that I bought so freaking much of clothes ever since I was born.
Yeah and I'm very broke right now.
Just waiting to get new year red packets to fill back my purse up.
Chinese New Year seems kind of boring this year to me,
but I hope it's not for you guys.
I can't really find a mood to celebrate it.
I don't know why...
Maybe till now I haven't really visit anyone nor does anyone that visit my house.
I can't wait to do house visitation!!!!!

H a p p i . D r a g o n . N e w . Y e a r 
x o x o

dreamie land ....

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