.times don't wait.

A lot of times,
we are often confuse by what we wanted.
But deep down inside our subconscious of the heart, 
we had an answer that we preferred.

A lot of times, 
we share our ideas or decision making with people before taking an action.
What we knows is, 
we may end up with either close people who really knows what we want, 
of our feelings, 
how important and significant is the decision to you, 
how much risk you weigh,
a person whom who just saw the surface of your decision. 
They may not know the deep down inside,
the reason of your choices.

Most of the time we ask for reassurance of our decision. 
To give ourselves a better reason, 
to move forward,
to feel brave,  
to gather the courage 
for the strength of our mind and heart.

And a lot of time,

we took a step back because of how people think of us,
how people think of our decision making.
Close people judgement or comments that will makes you think thrice.
Words that make you feel lack.
You feel it is not the time.
You may think you will not even get through it.

And by the time you realize all these decision making 
we are doing in our routine life,
what matter most
are often comes back to ourselves.

You matter most in the long run journey.

You need appreciates people around you during the journey.
You need to know there are always more down than ups during the run.
Most of the times you may not get through it,
but eventually you will.
So you got to learn to let go these worriness.
Let yourself rise up instead of being pull down by the anchor of negativity.
It's gotta be alright.
It's okay.
It's fine.
It's perfectly fine.

You are perfectly fine.

You gonna be fine at the end.
You gonna be happy.
Just learn that little steps.
You will be fine.

Tell yourself my dear.

Tell that.

dreamie land ....

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