.at one fine day, it will be mine ♥.

I am gonna own these awesome pawsome things I really been looking for quite some time.
I have thought that if I am ever a rich woman,
I bet my house gonna be a museum.
I will hunt down all the vintage and oldies things that catches my eyes
and I will bring back to my home!

Really adore it.
I'm still looking after the spoil grandfather clock at my grandparents house,
if ever they wanna dump it,
I will be the first person who will snatch it while they throw.

One day!
Just one fine day,
all these precious will live with my wonderful life.

I want to collect all types of globe
Big or Small,
All of em'!!!

I want one Gramophone Record Player that really works well with good sound,
and a Vinyl Record Player (Turntables) !!!!

Of course,
Typewriter should not be miss!
I have found new modern type writer like these above but it cost like a bomb,
the price I can plan for an overseas trip =(
And I found one vintage type writer that sold almost MYR150
in etsy.com but it was from Europe.
The shipping fee there will then cost me another bomb.
Perhaps few hundreds MYR to ship it here.

These are just too beautiful, 
but more to come...
List will be never ending!!!
I wish I can stops but it always catches my  ♥.

 So if anyone wanna sell me with affordable price please do not hesitate to email me.
My email will be on my profile page there.
Of course preferable that those still working fine 

dreamie land ....

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