i love my dear-s

they make me feel pampered
on Friday night
thanks girl for making this meet up
i love you guys~
i was so tired actually
but i wanna meet them so decided to go
back home around 5 something
and took nap...
thought of putting the alarm at 6:30pm
but i put in silent and it buzz in the blanket
and it absorb all the VIBRATION~!!!
i ended up woke up at 7:45
where candice told me on a day before she will come at 7:30
so i received a message that she will be a late a bit
i got so anxious...
went and shower the fastest speed[no difference]
and candice arrive to fetch me to jj
i'm sorry i'm making everyone late to go in the cinema
1st time late
luckily the movie started not long ago...
8:15 the movie start
i late 15 minutes than that
we watch knight and day
a very funny movie...
they choose the right movie
i laugh from the start till the end
ridiculous but very hilarious
went to dbamboo afterwards
coz i haven't had my lunch till late night
thought of going mamak to spend time around talking
but worry too noisy since it's having world cup
so that's why went dbamboo
still the same
they have projector to put the screen on
we talk a lot
this time manage to capture photo together...
since we are not really obssessed with camera
we are just here to meet up
to meet the face of the person that we usually wanna do
you guys make my day
been having nightmare for 3 days continuosly
seeing you guys just make me alive back
love you all~

3 Scuttlebutt:

  1. i'm happy too,
    because can express my feelings that keep in heart~
    haha.. upload photo in fb and tag me~

  2. purple : yup yup
    ah fai: =( water me please lol




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