♥ it

new new background
freshly made

the reason changing the background is because
it wont look as dull as the last one
since i wont update my blog frequently
still my blog wont look boring

the new colour
especially the background ~

so when i am updating my blog post,
i can put a lot of colourful words to play with my blog page =D

there is another reason why i put this background
the plain white background is meant by our life
born as a white plain blank paper
we write, draw and colour our life
with the experience and obstacles
that we goes through everyday
and what makes up everything
as a life your history goes
live your life to the fullest
with no regret

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Hello readers, passer-by, strangers & friends, this is my beautiful blog. I hope you really enjoy reading it. Most of the post are just things I would like myself to remember after years. I am like any other human, I ♥ to talk ♥ to play ♥ to shop ♥ to eat ♥ to be curious like everyone else. A girl that endeavor to make her dreams come true & explore beautiful things that caught her eyes on this Earth. And not to forget, this girl here is named Wai Mun. I grateful to have you here, and remember to love yourself today! ♥ ♥ ♥

what soothe me, soothes you ♥