i just get quite obsessed with BLYTHE doll
it just makes me remind of childhood feel
just so inspiring me

here it goes~

The the original blythe doll was created by designer Allison Katzman in 1972 and sold by the toy company Kenner. However, her oversized head and eyes that changed colors with a pull string did not go over well, and the four original dolls were only sold for a

Blythe is a 12 inch doll, or 1/6 scale. Her head is disproportionately large compared to her body. Her eyes change colors and directions when the string hanging from the back of her head is pulled. The stock eye colors and positions for Neo Blythe are blue (left facing), orange (front facing), green (right facing), and pink (forward facing). She has fairly flat feet (Barbie shoes normally don’t fit) and only early Neo Blythes have bendable arms and legs. Her body is approximately the size of Mattel’s Skipper.

it makes me feel kinda orphan feel
the movie of orphan
wanna get it somewhere
just look at the pictures up there
so cute right?
especially the 1st picture
i wanna get it!

i got this cool link too
=D check this out

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