My blog is carbon neutral

"My blog is Carbon Neutral"

is a programme carry out by
Arbor Day Foundation
a non-profit conservation and education organization
with the goal of
reforesting 5,500 acres of
Plumas National Forest
in Northern California
with amount of 792,000 trees
that had been once, strike by lightning
and it burned the forest
at July 5, 2007

what is a PLUMA tree?
we live in south east asia country
will not be having a chance to see it
but i googled it and it was a
it's beautiful
this is a photo taken at autumn in Plumas National Forest

look at was once look like the above
i wish one day can go over there to have a look
of trees that been planted with
of the nations

since Arbor Day Foundation have
an aim to reforest Plumas tree
i think they did use a very creative way
by spreading the awareness of their reforesting programme
and let us people to be part of it
through blogging
making it worldwide

Arbor Day Foundation
are here to plant a Plumas tree in the return of
one person who participate in this programme
and it's FREE!
go wild in green again~!!!
they need your help too
so everybody
let's join!
by click the button below
and follow the simple instruction

i have planted mine
how about you?

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