"a l o n e" is the reality in this world

that's something came to my mind quite frequent
and it became more frequent when my friend says
'S.H.E' gonna left u alone

people might think that it's going to be me alone
when my friends is not around
i already expected that
because i already had a thought that
we are born to be independent
since when we get to know each other
it's not all the time we can stick together right?
we still got own things to do
they will some how leave us,
when they find something more suitable for them,
to spend time with.

some people might depend on others in their lifetime
in that case,
i couldn't judge anything
because different people are born with different life
(read it in chinese then will be more accurate with the meaning)

when one person are alone,
there might be advantages as well,
maybe it is the time i need to stand up on my own
to do everything on my best
put my effort on what i wanna focus
and reveal the talent in me.

what can i say more?

that's reality
of people are leaving and coming in your life
and i find it is a nice way
to learn things from people around you
learn to judge
learn to mingle
learn to communicate
learn their experience
and so on...

think the bright way
will be more easier to accept the reality of world


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  1. good to hear that... learn to love ownself before loving others. =)




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