It rain this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
love it XD
was attending IT class today
learn to use micro. excel.
then of coz always steal some time browsing other website...haha

Actually today planned to revise maths as exam is this Friday
but end up...all got do except me..LOL
i did 2 question...
then sharon and sin yee say, 'ok..if we answer accurately we get 1 sweet[from vincent] and you[ashley] must tell us a jokes'
we laugh till so loud in the library man!
but we have fun listening to the lame jokes
then from revising maths...became talking and chatting..
from siblings, bear, handphone, and so others...==lll

then dismiss...went pc room wait for my mum to fetch me
everyone is doing IT assignment...lol
mine left at home...so do it later naaa

back to home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YIPPIE!
1st thing is go change clothes and take a nap...slept 2 hours yesterday night
have a sleepless night
an hour nap became 2 hours @_@
ok...then went down to look around, guess what?
my mum cook crab!!!!!!
been a long time havent eat it
took pic of it XD

i think that's all for today...
wish me luck for exam!

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