here goes my wonderland

i'm so damn bored today :(
so so so so boring
maybe after everything settle down in my life,
i got nothing more to do rather than sit and do nothing

that's why i insist to have a busy life
i LOVE busy day
busy life is always a better choice than a boring life isn't it?

but we, human always not satisfy with what we have
when we have this we want that
when we got that we want a brand new
and soooo onnnnnn......

so i thought of finding some thing to do so that i wont be that bored
i've been such a long time didn't search for my fav dream things that i wanna own
i planned to post it up here
to share with u guys
don't drools ok?!

you guys know what? i've been wanting a horse!!!
kinda ridiculous to say so
coz m'sia have a hot climate
but i really wants to own a horse...:(
and a white one like dat>>>>>>>
well, that's gonna be in my dream forever

well, that up one is ridiculous.
but this one is even more stupid
coz i wanna own something that is wasting my money
this is

this is lamborghini embolado

or maybe a

lamborghini gallardo

man....this so too ridiculous to own...hahaha...but will be always in my dream...
chase for something that is impossible~

well...lets go for something that make sense
well i want
west highland white terrier
for such a long time ago
seems too expensive
maybe it's breed and colour
compare to the other terrier

cute huh?

haha...there is more to go XD
you know what, back from NATIONAL SERVICE
the first gadget i wanna get is a handphone...KF350!!!!!!!!!SO DAMN CUTE!!!!
ice cream phone which cost RM700 plus for original...
that LED cover is damn cun wei~ hahahahaha
especially while playing songs..;)..too bad function not that good but YES goes to it's design

one pink one!!!

but when say bout function...i would prefer sony ericsson's handphone
my dream phone since form 5
i love LOVE it's buttons!

one more to go
if i were born in a rich family
and one day papa and mama ask
what u want for your 18th birthday?
i say
so here goes my latio..
will be in white ;)

[P:S]well, that goes for my dream car, handphone, pets[small and big]

and whatever that i want...hahaha
hope will dream in by the time i fall asleep
so that will brighten up my day

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