Xiao Xiao Day

23/6/2009 Tuesday

today Ashley taught me how to play poker card
that i dunno how to play
with wee onn and albert....
i dunno what that game called but i just know i got a good card
that win everyone's card HAHAHA
take a look :)

then at night too free so took some pic
some more tomorrow got what competition huh?
what hollywood glam izit?
so went and try some dress

aiyor...my messy bed can see from this pic

24/6/2009 Wednesday

although slept late yesterday
coz watch funny videos...haha
still manage to wake up by time :)
not really tired too XD
today brought so many things to school...damn mah fan oo
so decided not to bring IT text book...
coz no difference if wanna bring it
still need to look at slides on the white board
then later on,
went for lunch at kopitiam there
and back to college...
that is show time!!!
everyone went to the washroom to change clothes
and went for photo shooting session...hahaha
post up in fb for the picture...

then after that,
play the dance game
don't know what it is called
uses PS2 one then dance on a mat
play with pei ling
play play play till find friend at snooker
then go online
and play again that dance thingy
till go home.......==lll

it was a
happy day
did enjoy it

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