it's weekend again

time pass so quick

yesterday[friday] went kepong
to accompany my parents
actually lazy to go lo
but how long can i stay by my parents side?
after this question pop out
i decided to go
then only realize so long didn't go
yao cheh hong d
somemore went to mamak after that
although kinda late...
but did enjoyed

so happy at few days before met elaine tan ooo
damn miss her...
she also shocked...same as me...
so HAPPY!!!
although didn't talk much
DAMN miss my bestie :(
met lay ping also...heheeee
must do gathering d...

and by yesterday also
went to play snooker
kinda know how to play d...;)
although still cant hold the stick pretty well
not only that lo~
the presentation stuff
luckily got such a good lecturer
let us to do it on the other day

by the night came after back form kepong
[continue from up]
receive two sms
bout HINI
actually kinda shocking news
then today receive two times again
like very true
coz all the details coming out
nvm la...
get infected mah get lo
coz HICT same building with kp
ntg much can do to ignore it

so monday go college wanna wear mask?
so hot wearing it
and disturbing!!!

did house chores...
consider as lil bit
but look back not that lil bit only
lazy arrrr....
stay in the house whole day
need to prepare for my presentation and IT exam next week d
god plz do bless me
IT exam looks horrible

3 Scuttlebutt:

  1. take extra precautions la...becareful

  2. helo.. Yumiko..^^
    Jacquelyn here..
    How r u?
    miss you~
    Keep in touch!

  3. thx vivi...:)

    jacquelyn!nice to see you here...
    i'm fine, miss u all too
    can u send me ur blog link?




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