happy moments

although tired with my working hours
in this semester break,
but i learn a lot

my one week once off day
are being use fully~
with mum and friends

the best is
i don't have to wait for off days to meet them
some of them even come to see me
when I'm working
and have lunch with me
it's a hearts warming one

thanks dears and guys ♥

by the way
did i missed to post about meteor?
it's meteor again!

i saw it...again!
they really make me fall in ♥
when i see them pass by~
it's beautiful
the last meteor at December
Geminid meteor
cant wait to see the next coming one.
If anyone here have not get a chance to see it.
Please pay attention to any news of the coming meteor
near the earth...
You guys should not miss that moment!
It's really a moment to enjoy in your life
waiting for it to show up!


2010 is gonna come till the end by next week...
you've been treating me well enough,
i got all you had on me,
the challenges, happy, sad, tough, confuse
and all the moment!
glad I've passed it all
There's more to go next coming year
i can't wait to face my 20's years of my life...
I'm kind of scare...
no idea why am i feeling so...
but i know i can make it
making my 20's life a better one!
hiak hiak hiak~~!!
i can do it!!!

dreamie land .....

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  1. lol that is you.. xD

    i thought who (was thinking was some model or google random pic) =P... lenglui wor good good :)




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