make that word 'live ur life to the fullest' in the right way

went for my cousin's wedding lunch~
now waiting to go her wedding day this Sunday morning.
I've made a decision to rush to her wedding day,
a night before it reach by staying at my aunts house,
on the coming weekend.
The next day
after her wedding done~
I'll rush back to my workplace!
oh god please...
let me reach all these destination punctually!!!


I am here
just to tell everyone that,
life is always not perfect.
But we are always there,
readily holding a glue, tape or anything
to paste that hole of imperfection...
and not everyone have the ability to close the hole of imperfections.
That person who do so,
must be a strong person to do it.
And to human who can't do so,
it's their imperfection,
that we must try to accept that
so as me!

Life nowadays
is not the same as the our parents anymore,
nothing can make us feel satisfy that EASILY
if compared to our parents.
The generation gaps of our lifestyle are totally different!
As what we can see in life of people in this century,
we tends to be braver, more open mind
in the sense that everything that happen in rough or rude way
are seemingly so common to us.

But i still believe that
somehow being practical a lil bit
and adding a lil traditional in this century
still wont be THAT embarrassing..right?
it's just that we are mixing the way
how we look into our life
from the old and new perspective.

Don't you think it's like getting benefit from two ways of thinking?
i just hope everyone will think that way
it's just sad to see how people especially the younger generation
can't think in that way.
I always make sure,
i don't demand too much...
but who don't?
just that i am trying to make life more simple,
by putting my hopes, aims,
resolution more clearly ahead of me~
it's the way how i live my life...
how i'm trying to make myself satisfy of my life i want to be~

i hope dear readers found theirs too~
life always change...
don't be afraid to do so,
I've change too~
and i might change on any seconds ahead!

don't you think so?

dreamie land .....

3 Scuttlebutt:

  1. I think it's nice to maintain a bit of tradition, I was watching "an education" earlier and dreaming of living in another era xx

  2. Hey u look pretty!
    Anyway, the watermelon is at Bangkok
    ehehe :)

  3. oo~ thanks sugarfoam~! but impossible for me to go there now XD




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