letters to no where

this gonna be silly
but i'm still gonna do it!


i might be greedy at this time,
but i already narrowed down
my wish list
to this

i really really wish to own a

Guerlain Meteorites

[this is just one of it... i can list few MORE things under this category.
These things are my pocket's disaster T__T]

Fish Eye Lomo 2 (Chrome)
[thought of getting it for myself this Christmas
but the same old thing happened,
i'm broke after my shopping spree]

Nike bag

i couldn't find picture for it
i guess it was an old product
(maybe =S)
but idk whether it is still available in store
that is an electric blue gym bag
with a
big nike strike
and with bright green handle and zipper
i want that bag so badly
its something similar to this type~
[saw this bag quite long ago but still longing for it,
i just scare my mum might kill me coz
i already bought few bags

The Body Shop Vit. C set

[all i can say is this whole set is gonna cost me a bomb.
The whole amount of this set is not much~
that's why i mention it in the 1st sentence
and i'm still a poor student]


i'm lazy to list it all out dear Santa,
coz i'm just LAZY enough to tell the other thingy out!
coz some are already mentioned on the blog~
go and have a look!



i really really really wish to have these wishes come true:


if i have these 4 come true,
then every other things i hope to get
in studies,
will be able to find easily

that's all for the letters to no where...
early wishes to peeps who are in my blog
love all of you~


dreamie land .....

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