Say hello to Miss DECEMBER

It's December!
time really flies fast...
and i dont understand why i wanted to pass this year so fast...
coz last year i dont feel like going into 2010 year..
just miss my 18 years old moment...
now~ i'm gonna turn into 20 in 2011
hmmmp... i need to buck up myself to a better me!

Nov been treating me quite challenging job to me~

i'm busy working as a part timer facing those elderly [age around 30-50's] ladies,
especially housewives.
These kind of range of people is not easy to face...
but i love to face them actually,
it's funny to see the way they talk, discriminate, and how they behave as well.
At least i learn something from this folks~
I wanna be frank to say out loud that they are majority [housewives], fussy XD
Not only this issue ok~
i met some stuff like pedo? ==
ok~ i hate talking bout this... so jump off to next one.

Talk something bout next year then,
i am here to inform my dear girlfriends that
i am staying at Klang till April
coz college relocation is being pushed forward
happy for my dear friends coz we have much more time to hang out
but unhappy for me coz me coz
and hoping that this is the last one for college
to pushing the relocation date forward~
if they does it AGAIN,
[i dont think they gonna be doing it, look i still have a lil trust for you my college!]
i guess the whole student college gonna comes out with something big =S

no idea what to type already...
just updating craps zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...
well, it's expressed and updated.



dreamie land .....

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