It's tomorrow! =O

i just love it
that people talk to me in Malay language..
when they are the same race as me~
last time i used to feel bored and kind of irritated,
when people thought i was a Malay girl
instead of a Malaysian Chinese,
but now i realize that
it's still a good thing after all =P
i get to know what they are talking about
[good or bad]
just right i
n front of me.
Especially in my work place.


I took a day leave from my workplace tomorrow
this is awesome~
coz it's Sunday and i am supposed to be working
on weekends in mall!
My cousin sister is having her wedding lunch tomorrow.
But too bad,
i don't think the coming week's Sunday and Monday
i can take leave.
Since i heard it's tough for staff to take such
a leave especially on weekend.
That two day is the day
my cousin is getting marry from
one state to another.
feeling bad can't get to join them.

right now,
i'm freaking tired~
my feet whenever i'm making the first step after i am awake
hurts a lot,
and my cramp came back.
The feeling of cramp on my legs
every early morning is not a pleasant things!!!

i love my jobs...
left 26 days for me to be in this workplace~
i leave this place a memory of me!
so as people who meet me in this shop~
making it a special one

time to hug my bed
night peeps!

dreamie land .....

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