i don't wanna hate you...

i just wanna spend a nice day tomorrow but why cant you understand?
i ALWAYS ask you before anyone else~
i always ask you,
what you wanna do when i am free...
i put almost most of my free time
by trying to accompanying you
since i am getting such a day.

you never understand
how i put thing 1st for you before my other task and people.
I push forward other things to do to on another day
just because wanna spend more time
helping you get things you need,
spending time going out with you.

Every time i go out with you,
you disappoints me.
SO MUCH!!!!!!

Every time when i feel disappointed,
i told myself,
my next coming leisure day,
will not be spending time with you.

Due to our relationship,
i'll never get to do such a mean act.
I still ask you the same question~
HEY~ what you wanna do tomorrow...
you wanna go anywhere?
*mentioning few places*

You know what...
even before things are happening for tomorrow,
the conversation for planning already disappoints me.

Please don't make me feel angry,
i hope I'm not the one who is
in this argument.

nobody is there to tell me
whose fault it is.
This is the most stupid, silly and no actual fact-based
the argument always include

You always make me feel

i put too much expectation on you
that i know,
i shouldn't.

but i don't want to be called selfish~
that's why i am here
wanna spend time with you before the others...

i hate it when this thing happens...
i really hate it so much~

feel better after expressed it out...
= l

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